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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
The DDT Story 
Tuesday May 18th, 2004 23:07
Ohta Kouzou
Let me begin this entry with a short lecture on sleep. This will be shorter than the entry I wrote, and lost, last night.

In the end Josh and I both stayed up for 32 hours (9 am Saturday - 5 pm Sunday) without so much as a short nap. Those 32 hours were brought to us by Kellog's Special K Bars, Gatorade, and PEPSI, the choice of the GNU generation. Surprisingly staying up 32 hours wasn't painful or too hard. During this time we debated in 15 rounds and watched 2 others (semis and the final). We debated things ranging from nuking the moon to Jesus vs. Santa in a steel cage match (Jesus would win). The weekend also allowed us to meet a lot of new people in a closer atmosphere than a typical debating tournament. I got to meet more mcmaster debaters whom I hope to see in the fall.

I highly recommend the experience to anyone. My only advice would be to come prepared. Josh and I weren't too prepared so we ended up running really stupid cases like Canada should revoke Keanu Reeves' citizenship. The best round we had involved urinal distribution, I think Josh used the words 'accidental penis' at least 10 times in his speech. I'm sure ramaxela will post pictures soon.

Let me leave you with a quote from the urinal round:

David to Josh:
If I blindfolded you and walked around you with my penis exposed, would you be uncomfortable?

How would I know you had your penis exposed?

Well... I'd tell you.
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