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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Reppin' the Tokyo 1-9!!! Part 3: Saeko Takahashi, the Andrew Wattie of the 19th 
Wednesday August 26th, 2009 18:56
Ohta Kouzou
The second profile will cover Saeko Takahashi the oldest, and the only female candidate in the race.

Back Story

Looking at most election websites the only thing you can uncover about Takahashi is that she's an unemployed and unaffiliated candidate that is 67 years old. The Mainichi's election website sheds some more light on her character by adding that she's a housewife that graduated from Chugoku Women's Junior College (the current: Chugoku Junior College). She apparently has also worked as a temp at the Chugoku-shikoku Regional Agricultural Administration Office (presumably during her student days) and was/is on the PTA of a private school. According to official document released by the Tokyo Election Board, Takahashi lives in Nishi-Tokyo, and she chooses to render her name in old-style kanji. So instead of 高橋佐恵子, as it has been rendered in most publications, she renders her name 橋佐子 (it would appear that she renders the second character, hashi, differently as well, as it is handwritten on the form). The use of old style characters even continues into the yomigana of her name, which uses ゑ, instead of え in Saeko. The only other thing we can gather from the form is that her (presumed) married name is Sasaki.

It's as this point I've run out of any semblance of reliable information. The politics section is comprised of hearsay I've gathered from the mother of all rumor mills, a 2chan thread. Her campaign flyer (allegedly) calls for the repeal of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, the Law Concerning School Education , Anti-Prostitution Law, the Law Concerning Regional Governments, the Law Concerning Basic Resident Registration, Law Concerning Pension and Social Insurance, and Western-style taxation and accounting. I'll traslate a portion of her (alleged) campaign flyer. The writing style is a little old and I'm not willing to guarantee that I've gotten the nuance of the whole thing right.

To serve in public office, is to do the work of the high house of the Fujiwara-clan, the Imperial Family.
We declare that the party politics (introduced) by the Koreans to be destructive of noble politics.
The governors of the regional governments that ordered the assassination of the high house of the Imperial Family, are enemies of the state.
Those who are not loyal to the Emperor will be subjugated.

Religions besides the Buddhist temple of the high house of the Fujiwara-clan will not be allowed.
Farmers must protect the Fujiwara-clan and the fields,
Yamamori (mountain guards) must protect the mountains, and Hakamori (grave guards) must protect the graves.
Public utilities will not be allowed.
The selling of labour should not occur.
All trade should be by barter.

The original:


Takahashi is also alledged to have made a phone call where she accused Koreans posing as Japanese for causing the problems in Japanese society like JUKI-NET and cameras in the Diet.

So it seems like we have a nationalistic primitivist, I think. Actually, primitivist is going a bit too far, but you get the idea.

Aside from these (alleged) flyers it doesn't seem like Takahashi is doing any campaigning. She has no posters, no website, or any presence as far as I can tell. Although... Yesterday, when I was walking near the station there was a car with loud speakers playing a tape of a woman reading something in a fairly sombre tone, but it never mentioned a name. Part of me wants to go to her neighborhood tomorrow to see if she's done any campaigning closer to home.

Given that most people probably haven't even heard of Takahashi, I doubt she will garner many votes, insane platform aside. I predict Takahashi will come dead last in the field of 5.

While I evoked the name of Andrew Wattie in the title, I can honestly say as far as crazy independent fringe candidates go I prefer Wattie. At least he comes from a place striving for world peace and harmony (in his very own fucked up way), from what I can tell about Takahashi, she is coming from a place of hate and paranoia. So what I'm saying is, comparing Saeko Takahashi to Andrew Wattie is not fair to Wattie.
Wednesday August 4th, 2010 11:10 (UTC)
Saeko Takahashi has good policies in mind for Japan. I have supported her for a long time. http://japanescort.net - some of the dirty smut she's trying to stomp out. I am behind her!
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