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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Short Life Update 
Tuesday June 9th, 2009 1:21
Ohta Kouzou
Sorry for the lack of updates, my life has become quite hectic over the last couple of weeks and I've been too busy to invest the necessary time and energy into translating stuff. In 14 days I'll be saying goodbye to Hamilton, my home for the last 5 years. 17 days later I will be waving goodbye to Canada, the country that I've called home all my life. I will be heading off to Japan, land of my ancestors, to find work and live on my own for a couple of years. While my current plan is to return to Canada in a few years, I plan on calling Japan home for a while. I will be heading back to Montreal on June 23rd, and off to Japan on July 10. Each time I will be taking less luggage with me. Right now I am in the process of whittling down my possessions to an amount that will fit into a 2009 Honda Civic. I'm getting rid of my bike, a lot of my books, old clothes, all my fancy kitchenware, and all sorts of other odds and ends that I've accumulated over the last 5 years. The next month is looking to become the beginning of a wild ride, and I hope to write a few reflective pieces as I get a chance to look back at myself. The translations will continue eventually, but I won't be sticking to a regular schedule for the time being. Cheers!
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