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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
J-to-E Translation #3: Suicides remained above 30,000 last year. 
Sunday March 8th, 2009 17:28
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Suicides (in Japan) remained above 30,000 last year. Number increased by 86 people to 1726 in Hokkaido.

It was reported on the 5th that the number of suicides committed nationally last year will be above 30,000 people, making the number consistant with the previous year. The number was derived by Kyodo News by compiling provisional numbers provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Prefectural Police Departments. The National Police Agency's total suicide numbers have remained above 30,000 people since 1998. The lastest numbers will make it 11 straight years that the number of suicides committed nationally has been above 30,000 people.

While the effects of the recession that began last fall cannot be seen in the numbers, officials believe that the numbers will rise because "it can take a number of months before the lives of the unemployed become difficult." in 2007 the government laid out an "Outline of Comprehensive Anti-Suicide Measures," which aimed to lower the suicide rate (suicides per 100,000 people per year) by over 20% in 10 years. The government will likely will be forced to further strengthen its measures in order to meet that goal.

On the same day, the National Police Agency announced that 2645 people committed suicide in January. This marks the first time the National Police Agency has announced monthly statistics on suicide. The National Police Agency hopes that the increased availability of suicide statistics, in accordance with the ”Outline," will help plan suicide prevention measures. Compared to the previous January, the number of suicides rose by 340 people, according to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's population movement statistics.

According to the numbers compiled by Kyodo News, there were approximately 32,000 suicides last year. The official number, to be announced by the National Police Agency, is expected to be slightly higher. In the end, it is expected to be similar to the previous year's number at approximately 33,000 suicides.

According to the regional numbers, suicides in Hokkaido increased by 86 people for a total of 1726 suicides. Suicides in Nagano prefecture also increased by over 80 people. On the other hand, suicides decreased by approximately 120 people in Hyogo Prefecture, and over 100 people in Ibaragi Prefecture.


自殺者数 昨年も3万人超 北海道、86人増1726人
(03/05 18:31、03/06 07:05更新)




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