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Kozo's Thoughts
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The answer to the age old question... What the hell is the Conservation Party? 
Wednesday October 1st, 2008 1:04
Ohta Kouzou
In my previous post about Andrew Wattie I asked the question:

Who the fuck is Andrew Wattie? (And what the hell is the Conservation Party?)

I was able to shed some light on the first question but the second question was largely unanswered. A little digging lead me to an article that sheds a bit more light on the second question. Answers after the cut:
Excerpt from article by Martin C. Barry entitled "Independent candidates bring unique ideas to the table "
Wattie, a retired draftsman and independent scholar from Montreal's east end, is a running enthusiast and a vegetarian whose concerns include sound environmental practices. In an interview, he referred to the Conservation Party as "just an idea." If he were to be elected, he would actually organize it.

He ran once before as an independent in a 1985 provincial election in Mount Royal. His current program focuses more on global problems, rather than local needs. He sees human overpopulation as the planet's number one threat. The solution he proposes involves a method through which one of every 50 people in an extended family would be chosen to represent the group's genes.

"The world would be broken up into 20 naturally frontiered regions, each with its capital and with the island of Cyprus as the world's capital," he says. "This program would advance through diplomatic negotiations with the present geo-political governments over a half century period, and the peace of nature's balance would be restored."
Wednesday October 1st, 2008 23:52 (UTC)
This just gets funnier and funnier. Thanks so much for posting about this person. I wish a total crank was running in my riding...
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