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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
What does my new phone say about me? 
Saturday September 20th, 2008 22:28
Ohta Kouzou
Shortly after my return to Hamilton, my cellphone's speaker decided to die on me. Everything else worked fine but a lack of speaker meant I couldn't receive any calls. I figure it was a sign telling me to join the world of fancy-schmancy cellphones. So with a little reluctance I set out to search out the options that were available to me. After a bit of looking a decided to go with the Motorola RAZR V3 being offered by Rogers. The V3, which is basically the original RAZR, is pretty much panned by all phone enthusiasts for lacking the copious amounts of memory found in more modern phones. It's written off for being a very pretty phone which is lacking the features of a "full-featured phone". But one of the great things about the phone is that it's easy to add customizable content without having to rely on the stuff being sold by the phone provider, plus I figured 5 MB would be more than enough to amuse myself.

After placing my order online on the Rogers' website my weeklong transition to my new phone began. If I had to do everything over again I would have found a Rogers store somewhere and gotten my phone in a store and had it activated there. By going the web route I had to expose myself to Rogers' customer activation service that doesn't seem to do a good job talking to other Rogers' systems. After completing the activation process I was told that my phone could not be activated immediately and to wait for an email. I figured this had something to do with porting my number from Bell which seemed fair. However, after playing around with my phone for a bit it became obvious my phone had been activated and had been assigned a temporary number. Rogers never formally sent me saying I was activated which meant I never got assigned a 4-digit PIN that lets me do stuff like change by billing info, and otherwise access the Rogers system. Judging by how things went I probably wouldn't have gotten a PIN had I not called Rogers the next day to check if I had been activated or not. The lady I talked to very nicely informed me that I had been activated, and gave me a PIN number. So now I had a phone functional phone, the only thing left was getting my old phone number from Bell assigned to my new phone. The Rogers website said that most wireless to wireless transfers took 2.5 business hours, but could take up to a week. I ended up waiting 8 days. During that time I checked the tatus of my transfer a number of times and it said it was ready, I just had to click a certain button. When I clicked that button I always got an error. When I checked in with Rogers their front-line people just saw my transfer was pending and just told me it could take up to 7 days. Based on the info I was getting from the status page I was fairly certain that this would not spontaneously resolve itself. But I had to wait over a week before I could get the front line Rogers rep to transfer me to a tech at the number porting centre. The number porting guy got me up and running in 2 minutes. I will say though that all the Rogers people I spoke to were pleasant and nice, it was that the frontline people didn't know anything beyond what they were trained to know. Anyway I now have a new phone with my old number so feel free to call me.

Now the fun part, having a phone with polyphonic ringtones and a color screen means I could embark on some useless customization. I cut up some of my favorite songs into ringtone sized mono-soundbytes and put them on my phone. However I'm not a huge fan of songs being ringtones so I reserved those for special friends whom I felt deserved a special ringtone. I instead explored the world of free ringtones provided by others and settled on a ringtone called 30000 Hz for my default ringtone and a series of Gunshots when combined with the vibration feature. 30000 Hz, as the name suggests, is a high pitched tone that actually hurts a little. I think the gunshots are pretty self explanatory. Now I had to find a wallpaper. I found all sorts of pretty images of all kinds and I had a hard time choosing one but for some reason I can't put my finger on this one seemed to work for me the best. Now what does putting this wallpaper on my phone say about me?
Sunday September 21st, 2008 21:42 (UTC)
...wow. What do you think this picture says about you? Sorry to bounce back on the question but it seems a bit intense to venture outside opinions.
Sunday September 21st, 2008 22:33 (UTC)
I think it says I like powerful images. Also, that I think the greyscale goes with the color of the phone (matte black).
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