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Kozo's Thoughts
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A New Page In My Watch History 
Sunday December 23rd, 2007 20:01
Peeking Moose
Six years ago on an Air Canada flight to Japan I bought a stainless steel Roots watch from the in-flight duty-free service. That watch looked something like this:

That watch was the first watch I ever wore regularly. I don't think I ever wore a watch for more than a week or so prior to that Roots watch. Besides being quite stylish the watch was very functional with its digital display. I was able to track the date, time debates, and even track a second time zone. The thing was also water resistant so I was able to wear it while swimming. While it had it's quirks (it had an alarm feature, but it had no way of producing sound), it definitely was a watch I found very useful. However, after 6 valiant years of service my watch looked like this:

On top of the cosmetic damage, which you can see is significant, the digital portion of the watch frequently reset itself when it got wet. The hour hand was out of alignment meaning it never quite pointed to the right hour anymore. The buckle also had a habit of coming undone causing the watch to fly off my wrist, which caused even more damage to the watch. I was time for a change...

I was always like the durable concept of the G-SHOCK line of watches by Casio. However I prefer having an analog display and metal over rubber, both things I didn't think were available in the G-SHOCK line. However when I was browsing Yodobashi Camera this summer I discovered that the G-Shock line included many metal watches that fit my list of demands. At the time I didn't get anything, but as my Roots watch's condition got worse during the fall/winter I became determined to get a high end G-SHOCK when I returned to Japan. A little internet research gave me a glimpse of the advancements made in watch technology. So on my the first full day in Japan I went out and got this watch:

This ion-plated titanium G-SHOCK does everything my Roots watch did and more. The coolest feature of this watch is that synchronizes itself in Japan and North America through longwave time stations like WWVB radio station in Colorado. The accuracy of the watch is especially apparent when watching Japanese television where shows (especially on NHK) tend to start/end on very precise times. My watch's second indicator actually matches the 5 second countdown to the 7 o'clock news. Another nifty feature of the watch is that the watch-face is actually a solar cell meaning I don't have to worry about getting a battery replaced. The analog face is also much more precise, incrementing every 20 seconds rather than shifting gradually through the minute, which I like. While I'm still getting use to the size of the watch, the titanium casing means that the weight of the watch is comparable to the old one. I hope this watch will be able to take care of my time keeping needs for at least the next 6 years.
Wednesday December 26th, 2007 17:16 (UTC)
Yeah, but does it have a flash drive? Mine has a flash drive. :D (Christmas present.)

My old watch didn't have much extra-ordinary functionality, the rim of the face had actually fallen off while bike riding (so I put that reinforcing thing back on to hold the actual face of the watch) and the watch band was this fancy fits-inside sorta thing, so the only cheap replacement watch bands I can find are women's bands. However the thing is incredibly accurate. It gains 2-3 seconds a month, and being dead on was something I prided myself on. I guess the whole synchs to the radio thing trumps that too.
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