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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
A Short Leopard Update 
Tuesday October 30th, 2007 15:23
Moose and Leopard
I caught some flack from two people who objected to my use of the word subtle in association with the latest OS upgrade. Just to clarify, I am very much aware of the under-the-hood upgrades that Apple has put into Leopard, which is probably one of the reasons I picked up a copy in the first place. I just felt that super power users had nothing to gain from my short review, so I stuck to the basics of the update. For all my Mac Power User friends I point you to the Ars Technica review that got posted over the weekend. I basically agree with all the criticisms I can understand, although I'm not a interface snob so I can live with most of the issues Siracusa raises. The translucent Menu Bar isn't really an issue with my background collection, but his issues with the Dock are spot on. I read an interesting forum post that suggested the vastly improved Spotlight performance now makes it a good App Launcher, which is a claim worth investigating for those of you who can't adapt.
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