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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Sleepless Because of Seattle (not really) 
Sunday September 2nd, 2007 21:44
Ohta Kouzou
People who know me know I have an interest in Japanese baseball players in the major leagues. So I took the opportunity to go out to Toronto to watch the Blue Jays take on Ichiro, Kenji Johjima, and the rest of the Seattle Mariners. While I generally root for the Jays, given the wealth of Japanese talent that have passed through Seattle I consider myself a bigger Mariners fan (obviously my heart will forever remain with the Expos). The Jays won 6-4 on good hitting and a quality start from AJ Burnett. Unfortunately the Mariners have been mired in a losing streak that now stands at 9 games after today's loss to the Jays. Ichiro was an unimpressive 0-4, and Johjima was 0-3 with a sac fly. This game was the first time I've seen Ichiro live in the Majors (I saw him Japan many years ago), and while his performance on the field wasn't much, I still enjoyed watching his elaborate stretching routine on the on-deck circle.

While the Jays were clearly the better team today, I didn't come away too impressed with the team. While the Jays showed flashes of greatness at the end of the ay they still only won by 2 points after out-hitting Seattle 14-6, and out walking them 5-1, that's a lot of men left on base.

All in all not a particularly memorable game, but a day game on a sunny day under the open dome was quite nice.
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