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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
The Big Post... part 1 
Monday August 6th, 2007 21:42
Ohta Kouzou
Soooo.... It's been a while since I've posted on this journal. I tried to get a couple of voice posts in while I was in camp, but the LJ number mysteriously stopped working for me. So the last thing you heard was my voice prior to the FIRST hurricane I faced this summer. At that point, I was part of a small team of eager people trying to build a bath and a hut with little to show for our efforts because of the rain. Since that point Japan was hit by two hurricanes, one major earthquake, and an election. Fortunately none of those things did me any harm, though the election came close. That is not to say I got through camp unharmed, I did injure myself in a way that required professional medical treatment, but don't worry I'm fine now. Now I'm back in Tokyo with plans to see all the people I missed the first time around, get some last minute shopping done, and of course, to regale you with stories from the last month or so.

First, let's talk about the hurricane. While we were originally slated to spend the hurricane locked down in our accommodation in the mountains, the camp organizers were so worried they brought us back to their main office in Haki, Fukuoka and put us up in a first rate hotel. We spent two nights in Haki and were treated to great Okinawan food the first night and traditional Kaiseki food the next. While the hurricane hit Okinawa and Kagoshima quite hard, we were merely treated to continuous rain and relatively tame winds. Unfortunately the Ukranian girl's illness didn't get any better during our two days of rest and repose, and she was unable to make a return trip to the workcamp.

Our return to work was greeted by a streak of good weather that let us get a lot of work done. Our work was concentrated mostly on making an outdoor bath that could be used by children. This involved digging a hole in the ground, laying out concrete blocks, making a boiler out of an old bath, making a stone wall, installing a roof, and getting a professional carpenter to lay out concrete to finish the whole thing off. While that may sound like a lot most of the work was finished in a about 3 days. We took another 2 days to construct the frame of the house before the next group came. I'll post my pictures of the construction steps after I find a more reliable internet connection.

It was during this construction when I injured myself. I was banging on old concrete blocks trying to remove cement when I got a piece of concrete in my left eye. I immediately felt discomfort in my eye and I ended up rubbing my eye, BAD IDEA in hindsight. But I managed to get through 3 days with over the counter eye drops and a gangsta style bandana over my eye during work. Although I felt no discomfort during those three days my eyes were still red and I was ordered to go see an opthamologist. It turns out my rubbing had lodged a tiny piece of concrete behind my eyelid and I had been scratching the surface of the pupil. But with a quick wave of his instruments the doctor removed the foreign object from my eye and charged me ¥22,000 for his troubles, I was also dinged another ¥1150 for antibiotic eye drops. That was that, and I was, and still am fine. Let me repeat that for all the worriers (not warriors), I'M FINE.

I was originally going to make this post one super long post but I have neither patience or drive to do that now, so rather than wait until later to finish the whole thing I'll post this now. Next time I'll deal with the arrival of the children.
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