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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Game Report 
Saturday April 24th, 2004 0:10
Ohta Kouzou
I just got back from the Expos game. Unfortunately the Expos lost 8-6 (it wasn't as close as it sounds). The game began with the first four Phillies scoring without recording an out, so the opening day crowd (30,122) were pretty out of it for most of the game. The Expos came back in the 6th inning and tied the game 5-5, but the Phillies scored runs in the next three innings to effectively put it away. The Expos were able to put up 12 hits but many of them were scattered and came after 2 outs. Hopefully this performance signals the beginning of an offensive surge.

As an aside, I'm so ashamed to be a man sometimes. At the game whenever a woman wearing a tight shirt walked by, my entire section of drunken guys started hooting and hollering. Needless to say I wasn't hollering, it was downright embarrassing. I also witnessed a fist fight between two guys after one of them accidentally spilled beer on the other guy. I don't want to be associated with that...

Finally, I GOT MY BIKE BACK!!!!!!! The ride was sexy smooth.
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