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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Fukuoka One Night Stand 
Friday June 29th, 2007 14:12
Ohta Kouzou
Josh and I made it safely to Hakata/Fukuoka. Right now we're killing time in a Japanese internet cafe while we wait for check in at our hotel. I'm sitting on a couch with Josh in a dimly lit booth with 2 computers in front of us. We get free drinks from the vending machine and we can read all the Japanese comics we want. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Our three days in Okayama were completely uneventful, as we simply relaxed in our sea side villa. The villa was a bit out of the way but I can recommend the experience to anyone who might be considering it. There are enough things to do if you're up to it (we weren't), the facilities are pretty good (we did some free laundry), and the price is unbeatable (Y8000 per person for 3 nights). Some extra details can be found on my voice post I tried from Okayama.

Josh and I are in Fukuoka tonight to watch the Chiba Lotte Marines take on the local Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks. Both teams are quite strong and I hope to wallow in the Japanese baseball atmosphere. I hope the seats we got are decent.

After tonight we'll be in Nagasaki until the 3rd. Hopefully I'll have more to write next time. Until then... Cheers!!!
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