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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Rain rain go away... 
Saturday June 23rd, 2007 8:45
Ohta Kouzou
The weather bureau had officially announced the beginning of the rainy season the day before we arrived in Japan, but besides the day of our arrival we haden't seen any rain... until yesterday. We officially got hit with our first rain day, and since we couldn't think of anything touristy to do we just hopped a random train and got off at a suitably large station. From there we found one of Japan's bigbox electronics stores. They were having a camera sale, so partly on a whim and partly because I was fed up with the shitty anti-jitter measures of my old camera I bought a new one. It's amazing how much cameras improve in both features and price in 4 years. While there were some nice cameras from other brands I decided to stick with Olympus because I didn't want to switch everything I already had. I was able to offset the price of the camera by selling Josh my old one, so everyone is happy.

After that we just went back to the hostel and watched CNN. Now the content of the coverage is forgettable but we found our new favorite ad. It's a Nokia ad whose tag line is basically "there's a thing in my pocket." Lines like "if you feel it, it will grow" are recited by a raspy voiced man while hands reveal the contents of their pocket. The sheer inappropriateness of the double entendre gets us every time. Also on CNN we saw the Daily Show Global Edition.

Finally we saw the Friday Night Movie which was Vertical Limit, starring Chris O'Donnell, Alex Krychek, and Doctor Julian Bashir. The movie sucked and would only have been decent if the wise old climber character was played by Sean Connery. That's all there really is to say.

Nothing much else to report... Josh is feeling better, my throat is starting to get sore. Today we head out to Osaka to see some old friends of mine.
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