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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Walking, walking, walking... We just kept on walking. 
Sunday June 17th, 2007 8:27
Ohta Kouzou
As the title suggests, Josh and I spent a lot of time walking yesterday. First, we walked around the Outer Grounds of the Imperial Palace. Which isn't so exciting if you've been in the Inner Grounds. Then we got lost trying to find Yasukuni Shrine, but we did manage to find the Diet building during our wandering. Finally we made it to Yasukuni when we found a metro stop and hopped in. After not paying respects to the spirits, we spent a good 2 hours reading some lightly revisionist history. I sum up the experience at Yasukuni as being somewhat odd, but I can't put my finger on it. To lighten up our day we headed to Yoyogi Park in Harajuku to take in the sights. On weekends the park gets busy with all sorts of people. In a way it's like the Tams just without the weed and more spread out. Among the sights we saw were Hare Krishna, live bands, some guy shadow boxing, and a girl that came straight out of an iPod commercial. She had the white headphones, her iPod in her left hand, and she was tapping her heart out. Perhaps we'll see her silhouette in an upcoming ad. The highlight of weirdness came with the guy in front of the station wearing ridiculously high shoes, KISS-like make-up, two dried squid around his neck, and a red loincloth. He was holding up a sign that said "FREE HUG" and shouting about his religion advocating love and peace. After another bout of walking we ended up at a Metro stop and we headed to Shibuya. Ever since Yasukuni museum our feet were hurting but we just kept slogging along. At Shibuya we did the famous Hachiko crossing, and checking out the music at HMV. We went through the whole English 'Rock & Pops' section to see how many artists we recognized. I 'won' handily since Josh doesn't keep up with newer music (not that I do). We grabbed some dinner and after a long trip standing on the train we made it back to the hostel and just chilled out.

On a side note, we discovered some interesting flavors of some products that you might not see back home. First I found Pineapple Kit-Kat, which looks like a regular Kit-Kat but the wafer has a pineapple flavor. I'm not entirely convinced that the two flavors work well, but it wasn't the horror I had predicted. The even stranger flavor we found was Ice Cucumber Pepsi, which combines the flavors of Pepsi and cucumbers. It's a clear green drink that indeed tastes like those two products. Once again, not horrible, but not good enough to buy again. So on that note, I leave you!
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