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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Oh the wonders of Tokyu Hands!!! 
Saturday June 16th, 2007 8:08
Ohta Kouzou
Josh and I spent our first full day in Tokyo checking out the sites of Shinjuku. First we explored the glory that is Bic Camera, with its 7 floors of electronics goodness. We effectively spent the morning oggling everything from cameras to electronic pianos. We even found ramaxela a birthday gift in the toy section. While I can't reveal what it is, let's just say Josh didn't hesitate to go buy it. After Bic Camera we checked out the panorama view of Tokyo from the observation deck of the Tokyo Metropolitan government building. The view consisted of a lot of buildings, with some mountain ranges in the distance obscured by the clouds. The highlight of the day was when we ducked into the Tokyu Hands in the Takashimaya Tomes Square. For those of you who don't know, Tokyu Hands is a store known for selling all sorts of knickknacks, many quite useful, others just downright useless. Among the items one could procure at Tokyu Hands are bicycle parts, USB controlled foam rocket launchers, building supplies, a Borat-style V-bathing suit, light fixtures, a USB hub with switches and keys to simulate a self destruct device, backpacks, a foosball table the size a book, and the list goes on... But our personal "favorite" was a whole set of anatomically correct baby figurines with creepy smiles and t-shirts with messages like "SOS" or "Be my friend". I chose not to take a picture for fear of being labeled a pedophile. After almost 3 hours at Tokyu Hands we headed off to my grandmother's house to have dinner with my uncle's family. I am please to report that Josh's chopstick skills are coming along nicely and that he's finally found a tuna he could eat (raw).

C'est tout pour moi! A bientot!
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