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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
My Japan Plans 
Sunday June 3rd, 2007 23:12
Ohta Kouzou
Hi all! hope everything i going fine for everybody. I'm leaving for Japan in ten days, and I've finally finalized plans for when I'm there.Simply put I'll be spending one week in Tokyo, one week in Kyoto, three days in Okayama, one day in Fukuoka, and three days in Nagasaki. At that point Josh and I'll split up, and I'll end up going back to Fukuoka for three days. After that work starts for me for a little under a month. After work I'll be back in Tokyo for about six days. If you're in Japan and you'd like to see me, drop me a line. For a detailed itinerary check out the cut.

6/14-6/20 Tokyo
6/20-6/26 Kyoto
6/26-6/29 Okayama
6/29 Fukuoka
6/30-7/3 Nagasaki (Split with Josh)
7/3-7/6 Fukuoka
7/6-8/4 Oita (Work)
8/4-8/10 Tokyo

I hope to be able to check to the Internet every couple of days while I'm in Japan, and I also hope to keep a travelogue on this journal. But no promises...
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