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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Finally something exciting in my life 
Tuesday January 24th, 2006 20:30
Ohta Kouzou
I came back from an extended weekend in Montreal yesterday. Mike and I left Thursday morning to compete in the annual McGill Winter Carnival tournament. Some snapshot highlights of the trip.

Dinner with my folks. Mike and my dad seem to hit it off nicely.
Off to the bar where Mike Jancik killed us up with obscene amount of beer.
Walked home from St Laurent all the way home, I miss city walking.

-Take Mike on a city tour.
-Take pictures with the creepy statue at the Old Forum.
-Have lunch in Chinatown buffet.
-Start looking for cool t-shirts on St Laurent. We find an anarchist bookstore with militant t-shirts. Mike buys a pocket Chomsky book.
-Still in search of t-shirts, we make our way onto St Catherine all the way to Urban Outfitters. Mike finds a 'Drop it like its hot' t-shirt.
-Go to the DVD store under Peel and I find cheap copies of 'Now and Then, Here and There,' the last work of anime on my need-to-watch list.
-Get to McGill and register.
-Round 1: hit a Yale team that simply knew more about than American government (it was their Major) than I would have liked.
-Round 2: lost a legalize marijuana case to a pair of Concordia novices when I try to make the case a little interesting and our APDA judge simply didn't get it.
-Make our way to Guelph's hotel room "just to stop off before hitting the bar."
-Watch Sgt. John completely kill the cork of Dawson's wine. After over an hour they get the bottle open and drink cork filled wine.
-Also catch some bizarre softcore porn on TQS where a black woman is masturbating to/with a watermelon. That is followed immediately by a showing of Apt Pupil, TQS is weird.
-Finally a group of Guelph guys decode to go to the bar. Upon arrival Mike, Dave, Myles and I decide to go somewhere else.
-We end up in a bar which progressively played worse music as the night went on. (From Rage Against the Machine to Vanilla Ice/MC Hammer/Right Said Fred).

-Round 3: hit an RMC team and beat their case about stripping citizenship rights of prisoners during their stay in prison.
-Round 4: hit and beat (we think) another RMC team who brought up a case on procuring a aircraft carrier for the Canadian Military.
-Round 5: Goved an extremely satisfying case on setting up specialized courts for medical cases against a HH team. Based on judge's reaction we win this one too.
-Round 6: Hit yet another Yale team, we decide to simply recycle an old case from way back when rather than run another dull American politics case. We probably lost.

more to follow
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