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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
An update which is long overdue 
Thursday September 8th, 2005 16:48
Ohta Kouzou
Sorry for the lack of updates... Coming home has greeted with a number of things I had to deal with. Turns out I got relegated to the older/crappier fridge while I was gone, and as a result some of my non-perishible food got thrown out without my knowledge. AND it turns out maggots got into my rice and flour while I was in Japan. All this necessitated a massive shopping trip to the supermarket (for food) and the Dollar-rama (for big re-sealable containers). Otherwise I've simply been hanging out. On Wednesday I went over to Mike's to enjoy a stereotypical college pastime, a funnel. Yesterday, I sat out in the hot sun trying to get people to join the MacDebate. Finally, classes started today.

Unfortunately that meant getting up at 7:30, and walking in the pouring rain to get to my 8:30 class. I had three of my five classes today. Two of the profs/classes (Intro Logic and Ancient Greek Philosophy) looked good, and the third class (DesCartes to Hume) can still go either way.

I still have a bunch of things to do, mainly e-mailing people, and figuring out my OSDU banking situation. No rest for the wicked...
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