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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Quick hit updates on my life... 
Saturday June 11th, 2005 9:03
Ohta Kouzou
- Went to Toronto yesterday for a quick interview. I now have a freelance Japanese/English interpreting gig next week. Since I'm not an accredited interpreter the only work I can get is through word of mouth, so if you know anyone who needs Japanese/English interpreting work on a casual scale (tours, guests, student groups etc.) give them my name.

-After my interview I went to the Yorkdale mall to check out the new Apple Retail Store. Never realized how small the Mac mini was, and how HUGE the 30-inch Cinema Display was. Overall the Yorkdale experience reaffirmed my fear of big high-end malls.

- Discovered that my hard drive has catalogue problem which prevent MacOS X Tiger to be installed. Must find a copy of Disk Warrior 3 in this town (the stupid Apple Store didn't have it). Hard drive problems scare me, never quite sure when things can go BOOM.

- My necklace finally broke. I got that charm 2 years ago during my workcamp at Iida. A paranoid person, such as myself, would think this might be a bad omen. I was able to make a new necklace so all should be good. How's yours hanging, Em?

- Planning Japan trip...
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