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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
I love Apple Computers... Except when they screw with my plans. 
Tuesday June 7th, 2005 2:00
Ohta Kouzou
Almost 10 years after Apple rolled out an Intel spoof advertising campaign, Steve Jobs announced that Apple will be fully switched to Intel x86 processors by the end of 1997 2007. So long IBM/Motorola PowerPC RISC chips. Unfortunately this decision puts a cramp into my plan to buy an Apple laptop in the fall. For now I'm going to be cautiously optimistic about this news pending further updates. Hopefully this means when I do get my Apple laptop it will be even cheaper.

In other news, look what I found on the net.
Text by Fehr Marouf

A little bit of history, the story of how StarCraft came to be at St.George's.


The Big Bang

A friend, a great teacher with a great mind. Christopher Mead was the only person who held sway over the Mac-lab other than the administration. He brought much to the school, but for the purposes of this story, I will concentrate on the games. SimCity 2000, Master of Orion II and Carmageddon were just a few of the games he introduced us to. But these games came and went. They were no more than phases, nothing compared to what he was about to bestow upon us. It is very hard to keep track of the time, but most agree it was somewhere around march. A demo of StarCraft was installed on a few computers. The game quickly became a hit, with people installing it here and there. Finally, out of the chaos came The StarCraft Council, to restore order and bring more attention to the game. They quickly setup a tournament, under the guidance of Mr.Mead. The participation was outstanding! The tournament was not professional, but at least it was official, with a champion emerging at the end. There were several times when Mr.Mead would ban the game for weeks at a time, but a compromise would be reached thanks to the efforts of this very resistance (the iron fist secretly backed by The Council). This was a good time for the typical player, with the usual ups and downs, but little did they know that it would abruptly come to an end...


The Aeon of Darkness

The end of the year came and Mr.Mead, the only guardian of StarCraft, announced that he was leaving. There was the usual denial, but eventually, everyone realized that this was no joke. Summer came and went and the game was forgotten. Months passed with no progress, despite the attempts of The Council. The future looked very bleak indeed...


A Flicker of Hope

8:00 in the morning. The Mac-lab is opened as usual, but this time, something different. Instead of the usual music, we hear the sound of humans being ripped apart by bullets...someone has installed the game. This is a day of happiness for us all, and to top it all off, it's not a demo. for a month or two, StarCraft makes a comeback...


The Empire Strikes Back

We knew it wouldn't last very long, but we thought that it would last at least until December. We were wrong, they came down on us and came down hard. A series of laws were passed that rendered it an offense not only to play or install games, but also to change backgrounds, download pictures or install anything. This, we felt, was way too harsh. Individuals who shall remain nameless who were part of the resistance took to crude methods, ripping down any copy of the rules they could find. One individual by the name of Fehr Marouf, maybe you know him, changed the backgrounds on not one, not two, but all imacs to say "Bring down the fascist Mac-lab rules"...


The Banishment

Once again, the reaction was swift and total (I must congratulate the administration on that), a message was sent out saying that if the individual didn't confess, the Mac-lab would be shut down outside of classes. The confession was also swift, the individual confessed in the morning the very next day. Ms.Sabbah issued a banishment order of one month which ended up being three months because of the christmas vacations...



During this time, I asked Mr.Veilleux if a copy donated to the school would be permitted. The day he said yes, the game was bought and donated the next day (unfortunately, I couldn't watch the installation because of the banishment). But this attempt would once again be thwarted...


The Split

Gabriel, a figure very few knew until then, stepped in and resisted the will of the council. We were given the rights to single-player games (boring) but not the legal multiplayer spawn mode. There was now a split between MIST and Gabriel, with MIST wanting moderation and Gabriel fighting for single player installation...


The Golden Age

Eventually, after two weeks, Gabriel gave in and allowed for spawning. Unfortunately, once again, I missed the ceremonies to celebrate my achievement because of the banishment, but I was still very happy. After my return, we played alot. Maybe some people took it too far, including me, prompting a response from the administration...


The Final Blow

Wednesday, two months ago, at a staff meeting, certain teachers lobby for the permanent removal of StarCraft (a $50 investment on my part). The voices of moderation (mainly MIST) call for calm and a possible "pre-2:55" policy. Miscommunication results in the players panicking, thinking they have a week, to play as much as they can. The rule was supposed to be implemented immediately, but bad communication (including an "Enjoy it while you can" taunt by Mr.Officer and Mr.Deeprose) on the part of the administration allowed for a final week of gameplay.


Why They Fight

It doesn't look good to parents if their children arrive home late because of a game. To quote Mr.Officer: "Now if you came home at 7:00 because of homework..."


Why We Fight

It's a game we like, and I spent $50 bucks on it. Plus, we're fighting the administration and have a chance of winning, what's there not to like?

Man... Were some people really petty.
Tuesday June 7th, 2005 22:53 (UTC)
yes. yes, we were.

... am i a bad person for kind of missing those days?
Wednesday June 8th, 2005 3:44 (UTC)
Of course not... We always long for simpler times.
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