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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Recapping the Death Trudge Weekend: Part 2 
Monday May 30th, 2005 1:56
Ohta Kouzou
Unfortunately paper writing has made me lose most of my motivation to write part 2 of my Death Trudge memoirs. So I'm going to just point form some important memories.

- My public speaking was unremarkable. I wasn't able to sustain any of my ideas for the full 3 minutes. The highlight of Public Speaking was probably being able to get two good shots of Dash and Alex making out on my camera.

- Not much to say about the night's entertainment. Had a few beers and ended up singing twice in the karaoke area. Retired to the church and slept well. It wasn't as serene as a Jesus nap, but it wasn't too bad.

- We kicked of rounds in a hilarious round about body parts in food against Aron and Ethan. Josh introduces his strategy of speaking loud and over the top with no restraint (this becomes important later).

- Rounds 2 & 3 are unremarkable.

- Round 4 is Spec Knowledge Round #1 we draw the Daily Show. After wracking our brains on how to make a Spec Knowledge case out of the Daily Show, we decide to condemn Stephen Colbert to a public execution by combing random references from the show (taken mainly from Colbert's Bloggers segment). The case works out quite well. The highlight was probably getting the Opp to spontaneously concede that Hitler had some good qualities.

- We exhaust our last good Gov idea in Round 5. We suggest that Florida should dig a ditch and become a floating island state of the United States. Nick and Guillaume are game and we have a good round. Flashbacks of the previous DDT when opp begins a Freudian analysis. Fortunately this year Josh is able to come back with a creative retort which probably won us the round.

- Round 6 confuses me to this day... We hit Jo Nairn and Guy who run a case about Julius Caesar using a time machine and seeking refugee status in Canada. Numerous diagrams are drawn trying to explain timelines and physics. Using weird logic and charm we manage to crush the case.

- We had dinner as a good group of 10 at the Japanese Korean restaurant. Josh and I procrastinate on coming up with cases for up coming rounds.

- Round 7: The low point of the tournament. We draw Gov, and decide to run a case about the BQ running a candidate in Labrador. There is a semi serious case here unfortunately, with our half-assed prep Josh, the PM, runs out of material after just 3 minutes. The last 2 minutes of his speech was probably the most horrifying minutes in my debating career. Josh expands the case to include building concentration camps in Labrador, and makes some not so subtle jokes involving ovens and killing. The speech sucks any energy that was in the room straight out. I am dazed throughout my speech, and somehow end up calling the opp racists. Josh uses his entire PMR to apologize profusely. We both end up with well deserved 35s.

- We drew opp in Rounds 8 & 9 which were both unremarkable. Round 9 was essentially a MacDebate in house round which I opped straight as an arrow just to piss off Mike. Josh and I have an interesting and insightful discussion on race and comedy before round 9.

- We hit the eventual champions in Round 10 which we goved. Last year, we ran an incredibly moronic case about Keanu Reeves and got crushed by the eventual champs. This year I came up with an incredibly moronic case, about replacing the water in the Washington reflecting pool with polished steel, just as I started walking toward the podium to start the round. However, unlike last year, we actually won. I think I'm developing some kind of Hamilton steel complex.

- Round 11 was probably the highlight of the tournament. Much like last year's highlight this round involved Dash and the greatest POI ever. The fun started when Meredith decides to construct a case on the fly using triple speak words provided by yours truly. The case sort of ends up being about Ontario Corn Syrup exports to Cuba. I blow the case out of the water by presenting countercase about exporting Hamilton cocaine so the Cubans can improve their chemical analysis and R&D techniques. This case would of course not interfere with the Colombian drug trade as the Cubans would use OUR cocaine for research (4 AM logic). The round becomes totally random with totally random interjections, and perhaps the most screwed up map of the world being draw on the board. Unfortunately Nathan was our judge so he gave us low scores, for which we are all BITTER ;-).

- Round 12 was an interesting demonstration in debating skills. We were all tired, so the round took place on the couches outside the room. We all proceeded to mumble off the most stock debate on Chechnya. Josh doesn't even remember giving his speech. Nick Tam was sleeping nearby and he wasn't sure if the debate actually happened or whether it was part of a dream. I guess we CAN debate in our sleep.

That's it!!! See y'all next year.
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