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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Recapping the Death Trudge Weekend: Part 1 
Thursday May 19th, 2005 2:46
Ohta Kouzou
Let's take a look back on last weekend's events.

My first guest at my new home!!! Grilling steaks and eating fresh veggies on a patio under a clear night sky, while drinking copious amounts of high quality French vodka is a fine why to catch up with an old friend. The fun started when Josh singed his arm hairs in a big gas fireball while starting the grill. No one was hurt (Josh was fine, I was rattled), so the grilling began. First, fresh Italian sausage with vine ripe tomatoes, followed by BIG steaks with assorted veggies including some of the best red pepper's I've had in a while. After the grill was turned off, we uncorked a bottle of Grey Goose and celebrated our friendship the only way we know how, we talked, LOUDLY. We proceeded to rehash old stories and tell new ones. I found out about Josh's weird medical episode (You know you've watched too much ER when your initial diagnosis based on the list of symptoms was the same as the doctors') and being assaulted on the street by a drunk guy. While I filled him in on my exciting life in Hamilton. We go in when we decide it's too cold and dark (maybe 9 o'clock). I proceed with Kozo's Long Island Iced Tea Experiment, the result was interesting,. Unfortunately the experiment fails in making a mixture which tastes like Iced Tea. Fortunately, the result is strangely drinkable. Josh realizes that pouring vodka in the dark into a dark mug resulted him drinking A LOT more vodka than expected. It is in this state of mind we decide to come up with cases, or rather, case statements (the distinction becomes important later) for DDT.

- Repeal 12th Ammendment
(Vice President)

- Attack Jelly.

- Intersexed Babies

- Every must get stoned.

- Florida dig a ditch

- Revoke article #53

- Revoke 23rd ammendment
Kill DC.

- This house would tear down the Lincon

- Roosevelt's face should be replaced w/ FDR. The wrong Roosevelt.

Than we watched the Daily Show and called it a night (I think).

Friday Morning/Afternoon
We wake up, and make bacon and eggs for breakfast. After a lot of random channel surfing we settle on CPAC at 10 o'clock when the House comes in session. We ended up watching the whole thing. To summarize:

- The entire Conservative/Bloc caucus is present while the Liberal/NDP are at about half strength.
- Stephen Harper attempts, and fails, to separate the Atlantic Accords from the main body of the budget.
- A motion to allow the Conservative House leader to speak before the introduction of Government House Bill C-43 results in a 30 minute vote call. This seemingly trivial piece of procedure becomes significant later.
- The motion passes. The many of the Conservative/Bloc caucus disappear into thin air.
- Conservatives call for confidence vote on Monday.
- Liberals (usually Tony Valeri) says the Conservatives, and their Separatist Buddies, will get their vote on Thursday.
- Bloc members call for vote using complex analogies (The Liberals are like a red boat heading away from an iceberg, but the winds of truth are blowing them towards the iceberg.)
- NDP members try to raise issues. Which leads to the quote of the day, "If the Minister of Housing would take his head out of the sand and stick it up his attic, he may find some asbestos."
- Lots of unremarkable pieces of business.
- Don Boudria gives a bilingual address looking back on his own political career, almost breaking down at a number of points. Apparently he's retiring soon.
- Tabling of petitions. Many Conservative MPs present petitions calling for the definition of marriage be clarified.
- At some point the Constitutionality of House Standing Order 36-1 is questioned by the Conservative House leader.
- Remember that procedural motion? Well... the Conservative House leader tables a motion to adjourn the house for the day.
- After a 30 minute vote call, the motion passes.

All of this took about 3 hours and 30 minutes

Josh and I pack for Waterloo. I take Josh on a campus tour, where I realize I don't know many simple facts on the history of my own University. We make our way to the Student Centre to meet up with the rest of the gang. Mike is already there, so I take the opportunity to ditch Josh and go buy a popsicle. Fiona arrives, and finally jesse shows up about a half hour late. We hit the road, and Josh and Fiona promptly fall asleep. The drive is rather uneventful, except for a stretch on the highway where visibility was killer and we were being flanked by a semi. Jesse, Mike, and I reminisce about the last time we drove into Waterloo. We arrive onto Waterloo campus, and head to RCH.

To be continued...
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