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Kozo's Thoughts
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Congratulations!!! (and then some blatant advertising) 
Friday April 8th, 2005 18:39
Ohta Kouzou
I would like to congratulate my father for the upcoming release of his book, 新島 襄 : 良心之全身ニ充満シタル丈夫 (ISBN 4-623-04296-0). I received the advance copy today in the mail, and it looks like a fine book. The picture of my father is quite good, a lot better than the photo McGill features on their website. The book is a biography of Joseph Hardy Neesima who, among other things, was the founder of Doshisha University in Kyoto. Neesima illegally departed Japan at a time when Japanese citizens were forbidden to leave the country. He eventually became the first Japanese person to receive a degree at a Western institution of higher education (Amherst College). My father, and by extension my mother, worked very hard on the book and I congratulate them both on their hard work!!!

For all my Japanese readers (all 2-3 of you) who might want to check the book out:
The book will be officially released on April 10, at a price of ¥2500 + tax (¥2625). It is part of the ミネルヴァ日本評伝選 series being published by ミネルヴァ書房 (MINERVA Publishing CO,,Ltd.) Finally, one last piece of information that might be important, my father's name is 太田雄三.

Additional information can be found here.
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