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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Things are falling into place!!! 
Tuesday March 22nd, 2005 23:53
Ohta Kouzou
My plans for summer and beyond are starting to fall into place.

I've been house hunting for a while now, and I've finally found a decent place. It's a great place near campus, apparently there are 4 spots open with one room smaller than the others. Since I'm gunning for the small room, apparently my chances of getting are quite good. I really hope I get in, the other places I've been checking out have all been pretty bad.

In summer news, I'll be taking a summer course from May to mid-June. Than, during July/August I'll be in Japan doing another 2 workcamps. The details are as follows:

Camp Code: JapNice17-05 Start Date: 15-Jul-2005 End Date: 24-Jul-2005 Country: Japan
Location: Toyota (Aichi) Type: ENVI Ages: 18+ Female Spaces: 1 Male Spaces: 1 Teen Camp: No Volunteers: 9 VFP Fee: $250.00
Extra Fee: $0.00 Report Refund: $0.00 Partner Organization Info: www.vfp.org/directory/JapNiceInfo.htm

Newly organized together with a NPO, "Moridukuri Forum for Forest Creating". This organisation is working as promoting local participation in forest conservation activities to build up a new social system where people live with forests. The 2005 world exposition AICHI, which main theme is "Wisdom of nature", will be held in Japan from 25 Mar. to 25 Sep.. We want to develop the forest conservation activities in cooperation with EXPO by this workcamp. W: We will do various works to take care of the forest such as cutting trees, cutting branches, maintain the footpath, etc. As we contribute to the nature conservation in Toyota with the power of global volunteers, our movement will eventually lead to a greener and better world. Part of Greening Asia. S: Local participation to protect nature and Greening Asia. Bring some info.P: School visiting, exchange parties, etc. A: A nature center. SBN CV L: Very famous city for its automotive industry. T: From Central JAPAN International airport (it is scheduled to open in Feb.), an hour by bus. Q: Interest to protect nature and to exchange with people.

Camp Code: JapNice24-05 Start Date: 27-Jul-2005 End Date: 7-Aug-2005 Country: Japan
Location: Nosaka (Chiba) Type: AGRI/CULT Ages: 18+ Female Spaces: 2 Male Spaces: 2 Teen Camp: No Volunteers: 14 VFP Fee: $250.00
Extra Fee: $0.00 Report Refund: $0.00 Partner Organization Info: www.vfp.org/directory/JapNiceInfo.htm

Organized together with a local group formed for this project by the local governmental staffs, and organic farmers since 99. In spite of such wonderful natural heritage, depopulation of especially youth is serious here as well as much other countryside in Japan. They would like to active this town through workcamps! The past workcamps had cooking party using safety vegetable and meats with local people and kids. This workcamp was quite successful, so they are expecting workcamps again! W: We will be divided into 4-5 groups, help local farmers such as cutting bushes, harvesting vegetable and feeding the pigs. We will organize the cooking party with local people. You will cook your own countries food. We will also join in a local festival. S: Effective cases to activate depopulated areas in each country. Bring some info. P: Exchange parties, excursion, etc. A: Traditional Japanese farmer's house. SB! CV. If you like traditional style of Japanese architecture, this will make you happy every day. L: About 100 km east of Tokyo. Just 2 km from the beach, so you can enjoy swimming there! Nearest town is Choshi, famous as a big fishing port. T: Tokyo (30 minutes from Narita airport). From Tokyo, 2 hours by bus or 3 hours by normal train. Q: Only for non-vegetarians since we will eat a lot of fish and meat! Motivation to work with them.
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