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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Kozo Ota for MacDebate VP External 
Tuesday March 8th, 2005 12:13
Ohta Kouzou

I, Kozo Ota, am officially throwing my hat in for consideration for the position of Vice-President External of the MacDebate Society. Before I go into why I feel I am the best candidate for the position, allow me to explain the role of the VP External as I see it. The VP External, as the name suggests, deals with debating organizations outside of MacDebate. One of the most important jobs the VP External must do is keeping MacDebate members informed about upcoming tournaments, and acting as a liaison between MacDebate and a host school in regards to registration. The VP External also acts as the MacDebate liaison between debating organizations such as CUSID (University Debating) and OSDU (High School Debating). The VP External is usually the second in line, after the President, to represent MacDebate's interests to CUSID. Of course, the VP External gets to weigh in on all club issues with all the other Exec members and does odd jobs as needed. In short, the VP External is the second public face of MacDebate, and helps organize communication between MacDebate and other organizations.

I believe I am very well suited for the position of VP External for a number of reasons. I am extremely dedicated to debating and have good relationships with other clubs. My debating work for our club and others has been noted and has gained me respect by many. I have experience in many of the roles described above through my role as Executive Member At Large with both MacDebate and the Marianopolis College Debating Society, as well as my work as an OSDU Regional Coordinater. I have, at various times this year, helped organized MacDebate's trip to Waterloo by liaising with the Waterloo club, helped organize a debating seminar at a local high school, and helped transmit registration information on behalf of our club for some tournaments. I have the necessary contacts, knowledge, and discretion to solicit external opinions and engage in discussions on behalf of our club.

Among all the tasks of the VP External, the one I will prioritize above all others is ensuring members are kept informed about upcoming tournaments and trying to get as many people as possible to attend. I promise to keep membership informed of tournament information as it is announced, to give those thinking of going the most time to plan. I will also work with the new Exec and try to ensure that any money we raise goes towards subsidizing tournament costs.

If you have any questions about my platform, please feel free to contact me.

Kozo Ota
MacDebate VP External Candidate
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