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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Year in Review Through Music: Part 2 (Songs of the Year) 
Monday December 20th, 2004 22:26
Ohta Kouzou
As promised the year in review through music continues...

Looking through the tracks that were added this year, I've noticed a distinct trend in moving away from country music. In fact looking through the tracks, I'm moving away from English tunes in general. Thanks to my 5 week stay in Moncton I've added a significant number of French tracks into my collection. What follows are the top tracks that have found themselves in my collection in the year 2004.

川の流れのように (Kawa no nagare no youni) - 美空 ひばり(Misora Hibari)
The most played track I added this year. I got this track, which means "Like the Flow of the River," after reading this node on E2. It's a great enka song which I love singing.

傘がない (Kasa ga nai) - 井上 陽水 (Inoue Yosui)
I found this track, which translates to "I have No Umbrella," by accident while I was making random Gnutella searches. This is a very emotionally packed song, about desperation. Even if you don't understand Japanese the emotion comes through very clearly.

少年時代 - 井上 陽水 among others
After 傘がない I started looking for other songs by 井上 陽水. 少年時代 is probably one of Yosui's most famous songs, as it has been covered many many times. This dream song makes the list based on the high playcounts of all five versions I own.

卒業写真 (Sotsugyo shasin) - 荒井 由実 (Arai Yumi) among other
卒業写真 (Graduation picture) is another song of which I have numerous cover copies. A great song about looking back at lost chances.

太陽 (Taiyo) - 森山 直太朗 (Moriyama Naotaro)
風唄 (Kazauta) - 森山 直太朗 (Moriyama Naotaro)
I was introduced to 森山 直太朗 during my stay in Iida last year. I even got his latest CD for my birthday. Two great tracks that represent the range of this young artist.

This Love - Maroon 5
I just saw the music video on TV and I was hooked to this catchy tune.

Tenth Man Down - Nightwish
This song was used as the backing track of a Sentai video someone made and the powerful lyrics just blew me away.

Édith - Swing
A group of us did a presentation on Swing at Moncton. I picked up their newest album when I got back. Édith is a very upbeat song which is just plain catchy.

Nothing Better - The Postal Service
I discovered the Postal Service this year through Audioscrobbler. I love their stuff, and Nother Better tops the list.

La Ballade De Jean Batailleur - Zachary Richard among others
A very powerful song by a great Acadian artist. This is another song in which I own multiple cover versions.

One Heart - Céline Dion
Damn the CBC!!! They used this one during the Olympics for a highlight package. What can I say? I love catchy music.
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