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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Year in Review Through Music: Part 1 
Friday November 26th, 2004 23:33
Ohta Kouzou
One of the first things that stand out as I remember the last 11 months is my involvement in debating. I've increased my involvement in debating both in the high school level and at the university level. It's hard to believe that I've only been part of the CUSIDnet message boards for less than a year. I've met many great people in this short span, and I came to McMaster with some ready made contacts. So what does this have to do with music? Thanks to debating I've added some music to my collection which I would have otherwise simply ignored.

While I was in Moncton I was able to meet someone, simply because we were both debaters. I got to meet John LaRusic at the Player's Lounge in Moncton during Jam Night. I got to see John play some impromptu guitar and bass, and had a great time overall. Mr. LaRusic thinks of himself as a mediocre musician at best, but some of his music is available on the net. It's catchy acoustic fair that enjoys some play on my iPod.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting Nick Tam from the University of Alberta. Mr. Tam currently serves as CUSID's Executive Director, he also maintains a very good blog. Nick uses his blog to look at some of his passions movies, games, Scrabble, books, and the piano. Nick operates a separate PianoBlog, were he interprets various works in a lounge style. As many of you know, I simply love simple piano music, so Nick's fine music was a great addition to my collection.

So I've added some music this year thanks to debating. Who wouda thunk it? Go check these guys out!!!

The next installments of 'Year in Review Through Music' will probably focus more on individual songs or artists. 'til next time!!!
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