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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Best Meeting EVER 
Monday November 15th, 2004 22:32
Ohta Kouzou
It's been a while since I've attended a debating meeting where I wasn't among the most experienced debaters in the room. In fact it probably dates back to having Jane as a coach where I have actually been in awe, and admired at what was being taught to me. Our Monday meeting was gathering as usual in our small dingy room in University Hall. As usual I'm sitting on the desk in front of the room talking with random people, I hear a noise by the door and I look back. Through the window on the door I see the unmistakable figure of Adam Barker, with him is Emanuel and Emma. I am shocked, Adam is supposed to be in Victoria, and we were told Emma and Emanuel were unreachable/too busy. The 'old' gang brought some great energy and advice to the meeting which was somewhat lacking. It's great to be able to learn from those who have done a lot before you. It's fun being young exec who run clubs, but I forgot how far good coaching can go. Emma and Emanuel promised to be more available next semester, hopefully this will help me develop further as a debater. I realized tonight that maybe my lack of radical progress recently might be because of a lack of quality coaching and not just me. Tonight's meeting might have been the best debating meeting I've ever been a part of in my 7 years of debating.
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