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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Who Cares???? 
Wednesday November 3rd, 2004 20:58
Ohta Kouzou
Bush won... Who cares? Who would you rather be president? Kerry? At the end of the day both candidates are IRRELEVANT. As a Canadian with little American roots neither John Kerry nor George Bush substantially affect how I perceive the world. The American political scene needs a radical shift in focus, and I don't mean Barack Obama. The structure is such that no matter who sits on top, they don't get to affect too much change. The United States is simply too big/powerful to be jerked around each time the president changes, so the system remains relatively stagnant. I'm sure most Americans who vote, don't even comprehend the magnitude of their vote on the world. Why should they? They have their own problems, so they'll vote for someone with similar opinions (on key issues carefully chosen by others). Until voters recognize America's role in the world beyond the "war" in Iraq, and realize that their choices are limited, the status quo will remain. That is... IF the American populace envisions the world the same way I do (which I doubt). Most people don't/can't see the world the same way, and being the passive person I am, I hate to impose my will on others (who knows? I'm not perfect). It just irks me to see people who I share opinions with react as if the world is coming to an end (again). The problem isn't Bush, the solution isn't Kerry.

I vote violent citizen uprising in 2008.
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