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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
My Long Debating Weekend 
Monday October 25th, 2004 23:04
Ohta Kouzou
I'm still recovering from a debating tournament that happened this week at Hart House (University of Toronto). Unlike the usual tournament this tournament was run in a different style called British Parliamentary. I decided to shadow judge rounds and I was given a great opportunity to watch some of the best British Parliamentary judges in North America deliberate on decisions. I also got to hang out with a lot of new people and had an great time at the tournament. HOWEVER when I planned this thing out I made one incredibly stupid mistake, I decided I would commute between Toronto and Hamilton. This meant I came home at 2 AM and 3 AM on Friday and Saturday night (or is it Saturday and Sunday morning?) respectively, while I had to wake up at 8 AM each morning. Situations which weren't made better by my consumption of alcohol on each night. To make matters worse the fire alarm rang in my res building on Sunday morning, further cutting into my precious sleeping time. That's when I decided to shave my head, I was planning to do it during the anyway. I figured what better thing to do at 5 AM on a Sunday. To add insult to injury the bus we took on Sunday blew out a tire on the highway, so we needed to wait for another bus to arrive. It was a weird weekend for sleep and travel.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely when I realized it was my birthday at the Saturday night banquet. When I mentioned this fact to my table, a plan to get the entire banquet hall to sing me Happy Birthday was immediately put in motion by some very nice people. I even gave a short speech, no doubt I won't have the opportunity to address a large banquet hall full of well dressed debaters anytime in the near future. The sentiment I received afterwards was also very touching. It was a very cool, totally unexpected birthday gift. Thank you CUSID!!!

I think I'll go to bed soon, I'm still not fully recovered from the weekend's events.
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