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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Wanted: Drinking Buddy (Alcohol Optional) 
Saturday September 25th, 2004 0:04
Ohta Kouzou
Tonight, I went to the Clubs Training night for MacDebate. The whole exercise was an excuse for the organizers to give us health plan surveys, and a complete waste of time. After the "training" I went out and had a beer with fellow MacDebater Mike. We had a good time talking about various things, which came back to debating often. Unfortunately Mike had to go home early (20:30) and I was left to my own devices. I decided to simply return to my room. What proceeded to happen outside in the halls is what I call stupid drinking. Stupid drinking is when people drink and go crazy. I've come to accept that crazy drinking is OK, if you trust the people around you. In fact my new definition of good friend is someone I would feel comfortable enough drinking with (regardless of whether this person actually drinks or whether I would actually drink with them). It's become painfully obvious to me that most first year students (in their current state) don't fit into this category. I'm used to hanging out with smarter people, MacDebate is definitely a source for these people, but I need to find more...

Hope that made sense.
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