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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Globalization Sucks In All the Wrong Ways 
Sunday September 19th, 2004 22:12
Ohta Kouzou
Now we've all heard how Globalization is leading to the domination of the economic north over the south. While a big part of me is opposed to the so called phenomenon of Globalization, another part of me thinks it just doesn't go far enough. I am of course talking about music. As many of you who look at the "Listening to" heading in this blog, will notice that I've been listening to a lot of Japanese music. Much of this music I've acquired legitimately from shopping binges in Tokyo and from relatives in Tokyo. But on occasion, I go to great lengths to find and download a single track. This is where I wish globalization was a little more advanced. I would be willing to pay the 110 yen per track and download songs legitimately from a service like the Apple Music Store. Unfortunately these stores are regionally based, so they can't be accessed by people outside the region. Although if relatively obscure foreign artists were more accessible they might be easier to pirate ;-) I doubt it, but maybe... I'm not asking that the Moriyama Naotaro become a household name in Canada, I just want access to his music. In the internet age is this too much to ask? Damn protectionism...
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