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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Time to Start a New Case Book 
Thursday September 16th, 2004 23:41
Ohta Kouzou
My competitive debating year kicked off today with MacDebate's first meeting of the year. Unfortunately we had to move into a extremely hot and stuffy room, which might have unfairly affected the newcomers. The meeting featured a relatively forgettable round about fights in hockey. The meeting was saved by a brilliant speech from the floor by Randy, which drew comments like "did you really come up with that on the spot?" I also ended up giving a relatively weak speech from the floor, but I had a (weak) excuse, I didn't take any notes. Hopefully my debating year will turn out better. I gotta get cracking on cases. After abandoning my old case book, I only have one good case to fight with. Wish me luck!!!

In other news, I found the Chinese cafeteria under Kenneth Taylor Hall, which sells things like Pocky and (more importantly) decent cup noodles. Now I have a good late night snack stored in my room.
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