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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Last day of summer... 
Wednesday September 8th, 2004 20:12
Ohta Kouzou
Today was Clubsfest, where campus clubs try to recruit new members. In a weird series of events I ended up joining the Chinese Engineering Society. The group is open to anyone, Chinese and non-Chinese, but I'm sure my face will result in numerous misunderstandings. I ended up spending 2-3 hours at the MacDebate table helping out. I was a little weird telling people "we meet twice a week, but you only REALLY have to show up once a week," when I'd never attended a meeting myself. It's becoming clearer and clearer that my hectic Engineer's schedule is going to keep me out of many out-of-town tournaments this year. Classes start tomorrow, wish me luck.
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