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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
THE Constitution 
Monday August 16th, 2004 23:04
Ohta Kouzou
I began formatting the MCDS Constitution, and noticed some notable omissions. I will iron them out tomorrow with Josh. It also needs a good preamble. Behold my hard work (still in progress) a.k.a. My Baby.

Why this constitution is set up the way it is...
  1. NAME
    1. The name of the association shall be the MARIANOPOLIS COLLEGE DEBATING SOCIETY, herein referred to as the MCDS.

    1. To facilitate and encourage the acquisition and refining of public speaking skills on campus.
    2. To field participants in competitive debating and speaking tournaments within North America.
    3. To represent Marianopolis in the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID) and work with said organization to further debating in Canada.

    1. Membership to the MCDS is open to all registered students of the College.
    2. All members who have participated in at least three regular meetings shall be considered as active members.
    3. Active members shall have the right to participate in the affairs of the MCDS, including eligibility for official duty, privilege of representing the MCDS at tournaments, and the right to vote on MCDS business;
    4. Non-active members are all members who do not meet the requirements under article 3(b) above;
    5. All members, active or non-active, have the right to participate in debates and public speeches at general MCDS meetings.

  4. FEES
    1. There are no membership fees to join the MCDS for the current academic year.
    2. Members may be required to pay for travel and accommodations for tournaments.

    1. The Executive Committee shall consist of: (i) President, (ii) Vice-President, and (iii) other members appointed by the President and Vice-President.
    2. The Executive Committee shall:
      1. be responsible for the maintenance of the MCDS' club status at the college, and will be the official MCDS officers in matters concerning the College;
      2. be responsible for maintaining the MCDS' membership in CUSID;
      3. call and supervise meetings;
      4. uphold and interpret, to the best of their judgment, this constitution;
      5. ensure the proper planning and operation of all tournaments hosted by the MCDS;
      6. organize travel and accommodations for tournaments at minimum cost to its members;
      7. devise criteria for selection of persons to attend tournaments in a fair and equitable manner that reflects both achievement and club commitment;
      8. be responsible for all financial dealings of the MCDS;
      9. maintain a record of active members;
      10. ensure that all decisions are well publicized to all MCDS members.
    3. The President and Vice-President may delegate responsibilities of the Executive Committee to other members of the MCDS, these members:
      1. shall be consulted on all decisions pertaining to their mandate;
      2. will not hold a vote on issues outside of their mandate.
    4. Decisions made by the Executive Committee:
      1. should be, whenever possible, made by consensus among it's members;
      2. should be, whenever possible, made only after consulting as many neral members as possible;
      3. shall be solely decided by the President, if consensus cannot be reached.

    1. The President shall:
      1. make all final / binding decisions of the Executive Committee;
      2. under normal conditions, chair all functions of the MCDS and the Executive Committee;
      3. have signing authority for the MCDS;
      4. be responsible for defining and filling positions on the Executive Committee, as necessary.
    2. The Vice-President shall:
      1. seek to assist the President in his/her duties;
      2. undertake to fulfill the duties of the President when the President is absent.

    1. Meeting shall be held at least once every two weeks, during the CUSID competitive season.

    1. All active members who plan to return in the next academic year shall be eligible to run for executive positions.
    2. If the active membership of the MCDS is below 20 members the following procedure shall be followed:
      1. At least one month prior to the end of the winter term, the Executive Committee shall solicit applications for the positions on the Executive Committee.
      2. After reviewing all applicants, the Executive Committee shall decide on the new Executive Committee.
      3. The Executive Committee's decision shall be announced at the last meeting of the academic year.
      4. The Executive Committee's decision must be confirmed by a simple majority of active members.
      5. If the Executive Committee's decision is not confirmed article 8(c) is to be followed.
    3. If the active membership of the MCDS exceeds 20 members, or if the the Executive Committee's decision under article 8(b0 is not confirmed, the following procedure shall be followed:
      1. The Executive Committee shall solicit applications for the positions on the Executive Committee, by the final Monday of March.
      2. The Executive Committee shall compile a list of candidates, this list must be released to all members by the second Monday of April.
      3. The Executive Committee shall collect votes from its active members and announce the results at the last meeting of the winter term.
      4. In case of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.
    4. The newly elected officers shall take their respective posts two weeks after the announcement of their election is made. The intervening period of time should be used to transfer all necessary articles, effects, legal authorities, etc. from the departing Executive Committee to the incoming Executive Committee.
    5. If the MCDS fails to elect a new Executive Committee, the MCDS should be considered dissolved. The Executive Committee shall inform the College, and make sure this document is on file for future clubs.
    6. On dissolution of the Society, all assets gained through the Marianopolis Student Congress shall be returned to the Marianopolis Student Congress and all other assets shall be given to a charity so chosen by the Executive Committee.

    1. An Executive must resign their position if he/she ceases to be a student at the college.
    2. Any Executive Committee Member may be subject to a recall vote, if a petition bearing the signature of 2/3 of the active membership is presented to the Executive Committee.
    3. Upon presentation of such a petition:
      1. The Executive Member in question shall have the opportunity to speak to active members.
      2. A recall vote will be conducted within ten days.
    4. The Executive Member will be removed from his/her post if the motion to recall is passed with a 2/3 majority of active members.
    5. Any vacancies must be filled using the procedure outlined in article 8 within two weeks of the vacancy.
    1. Any active member may present the Executive Committee with a proposed constitutional amendment.
    2. The Executive Committee must, to the best of their ability, inform all members of the MCDS of the proposed amendment.
    3. The Constitution shall be amended if two-thirds of the active members vote in favour of the amendment within ten days of its presentation.
If any questions of interpretation or omission are raised by this constitution, common sense shall govern.

This document shall be the entire constitution of the MCDS. Any and all previous constitutions of the MCDS shall be of no force and effect.

This Constitution shall to effect upon ratification by the Executive Committee before Sepember 31, 2004.
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