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Kozo's Thoughts
Random, Weird, and 100% 石黒光司
Game Report #7 among other things 
Sunday August 15th, 2004 23:33
Ohta Kouzou
Game Report #7
It was a heartbreaker at the Big O this afternoon, as the Expos came back late but let it slip away in the ninth. Livan Hernandez pitched well after giving up 2 quick runs in the first, while the Expos were shut out by Pete Munro for 6 innings. Despite 3 errors by his infield Munro was able to keep the ball on the ground, and kept the Expos from scoring. Finally in the scored a run in the sixth and 3 runs in the seventh, giving the Expos a 2 run lead. Hernandez put two runners on in the ninth. He was spelled by Luis Ayala who promptly let 3 runs in, costing the Expos game. So the Expos' 7 game winning streak comes to an end.

Record of the Expos when I'm in attendance: 3-4 (Still not a winning record)

Other Stuff
I had dinner with Josh, Nate, John, and my folks. Good food and conversation all around. It's nice to have inter-generational talk... Life is good!!!

Also the US Olympic Basketball team lost to Puerto Rico today. It was the first loss in the Olypics for the USA since the "Dream Team" concept was introduced in 1992. Carlos Arroyo (the Utah Jazz point guard) played a beautiful game for Puerto Rico, go teamwork!!!
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